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Securegates Alarm-Online

Securegates Alarm-Online

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Are you worried that your alarm system is not being monitored?

Do you wish you could control your existing Honeywell or DSC alarm system on your phone?

Do you have a working Wi-Fi connection?

Our Alarm-Online solution provides you with the answer to your problems. With Alarm-Online, you will be able to arm and disarm your alarm system via your phone anywhere in the world. Our solution comes with a FREE software which can be used to self-monitor your alarm when the alarm is sounding off. Get an audible sound when your alarm is armed and disarmed and by whom.

When your alarm is sounding off, the FREE software sends an audible alert to your phone which also tells you which zone has been triggered.

Afraid of running new unsightly cables in your home? You don't need to worry about that because our solution is 100% WIRELESS. No new wires to be ran.


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